Our office now has state of the art, Dexus digital dental radiography! This means clearer digital images, including panoramic x-rays and much less radiation. It’s more comfortable for patients and easy to send, by email, to a referring specialists! Come in and see for yourself! Here are some pictures of our office’s new updates!

Example of cosmetic restorative dentistry! Study models…and before and after pictures! This patient looks great!


(Left)Study models with processed temporary bridge.
(Middle) BEFORE- Notice the spacing.
(Right) BEFORE- Notice unaesthetic bonding between the front teeth and midline symmetry is off to the left.



(Left) AFTER- notice natural lip line and smile. This patient’s midline symmetry is now corrected.
(Middle) AFTER- notice the spacing is closed and midline is corrected. This patient is very pleased with her new smile!
(Right) Our staff are all CPR certified! We are committed to your safety. Check out the office’s new defibrillator!